Wave Height Sensor


This sensor is a remote, all-weather ranging device for measuring the height of waves. Its operating frequency allows effective performance in limited visibility conditions and it is designed to run continuously for years without maintenance.

The Wave Height Sensor is available in 3 output configurations:

1) Distance to Water

2) Nominal Wave Height

3) Extended Range

FeaturesHigh range resolution, no pulse radar Weather penetration Weatherproof and explosion proof cases available Computer compatible output



Type FMCW radar, 24 GHz
Range 30 m normal, 60 m extended
Precision 2 cm normal, 4 cm extended
Beamwidth 10°, 7°, 3.5°
Power Required 10 to 18 V dc, 7 watts
Output RS232, RS422, or 802.11x, >10 updates per second

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